5 Wonderful Items for Your Apartment’s Guest Bathroom

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Having an extra bathroom sure comes in handy when you have guests over. By keeping it well stocked, you ensure your guests always have what they need when they come over. Here are five essential items for your guest bathroom. Hand soap. Look for one that has a neutral scent that everyone is likely to enjoy. Vanilla and lemon are always safe … [Read more...]

Three DIY Decorating Ideas for the Coming Spring Season


Are you looking for DIY apartment decorating ideas for spring? Clearing out your winter decorations for a bright, fresh spring look can give your Durham apartment a refreshing look. Nothing brings in the freshness of spring like a room that feels friendly and inviting. To give your apartment a spring look, replace your old décor with something bright and … [Read more...]

Venute into Nature with the Chapel Hill-Durham Hikers

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If you enjoy the great outdoors and are looking for hiking clubs in Durham, why not join the Chapel Hill-Durham Hiking Meetup? The group was founded to help people engage in outdoor hiking pursuits in the area and is the perfect fit for anyone trying to explore the great outdoors! Hikes vary in intensity from a relaxed pace to brisk hiking, and are … [Read more...]

Dine with Friends at Pulcinella’s Italian Restaurant

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When you think of Italian cuisine, you think of pasta, garlic and fine wine. If you want to indulge in the best Italian food at one of the best Italian restaurants in Durham, you need to have dinner at Pulcinella's. Pulcinella's is a family owned restaurant that makes the best Italian classics like spaghetti, fettuccine, subs, New York-style pizzas, … [Read more...]

5 Important Safety Tips for Our Dog Park

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Is your dog itching to experience a day in the great outdoors? Here are some pet safety tips to keep in mind before you head out for some fun with your pooch at our apartments in Durham with a dog park: Keeping your dog vaccinated is of prime importance when you exercise your pet in public open spaces. It's your responsibility to ensure your dog is not … [Read more...]

Find the Best Chocolate for Valentine’s Day at Godiva Chocolatier

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There are countless mouth-watering chocolate morsels to be wrapped up in heart shaped boxes, ribbons and bows this Valentine’s Day. If you're in search of the best chocolate shop in Durham, our residents at The Lodge at Southpoint Apartments will recommend only one name: Godiva! For your sweetheart’s favorite chocolate, this Belgian chocolatier … [Read more...]

Celebrate Brazilian Carnaval at Motorco

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Step out of your ordinary Friday night entertainment and feel the excitement of a Carnaval festival in Durham. Our residents at The Lodge at Southpoint have their costumes and dancing shoes ready for the upcoming festivities. Set your calendar for Friday, February 13 at 10 pm and celebrate the music, drinks, and food at the Brazilian Carnaval at … [Read more...]

Give Your Furry Friend a Makeover at Petropolitan Dog Grooming

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At Petropolitan Dog Grooming, you can find the best dog groomers in Durham. Dogs love the low stress environment, and it's near our pet-friendly apartments in Durham at The Lodge at Southpoint, For the entire grooming session, dogs stay in the same room and groomers interact with them to keep their stress levels low. The whole place is decorated in … [Read more...]

Piedmont Restaurant: A Quality Organic Restaurant

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It can often be a hassle trying to determine where to eat, but if you want a modern take on farm-to-table dining, it becomes much simpler. If you're looking for organic restaurants in Durham, the place to go is Piedmont Restaurant. Located at 401 Foster Street, Piedmont is a local establishment, serving menu items made with fresh, local ingredients. … [Read more...]

Use These 3 Exercises in Our Durham Fitness Center to Increase Muscle Mass

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Growing muscle mass helps you look better and stay healthy, and a well equipped apartment community in Durham with a fitness center can make working out much more convenient than traveling to a gym. Here are some simple strength exercises to help you increase muscle mass: Squats: To perform a squat, stand up, bend your knees slowly and lower as far … [Read more...]