Give Your Furry Friend a Makeover at Petropolitan Dog Grooming


At Petropolitan Dog Grooming, you can find the best dog groomers in Durham. Dogs love the low stress environment, and it's near our pet-friendly apartments in Durham at The Lodge at Southpoint, For the entire grooming session, dogs stay in the same room and groomers interact with them to keep their stress levels low. The whole place is decorated in … [Read more...]

Piedmont Restaurant: A Quality Organic Restaurant


It can often be a hassle trying to determine where to eat, but if you want a modern take on farm-to-table dining, it becomes much simpler. If you're looking for organic restaurants in Durham, the place to go is Piedmont Restaurant. Located at 401 Foster Street, Piedmont is a local establishment, serving menu items made with fresh, local ingredients. … [Read more...]

Use These 3 Exercises in Our Durham Fitness Center to Increase Muscle Mass


Growing muscle mass helps you look better and stay healthy, and a well equipped apartment community in Durham with a fitness center can make working out much more convenient than traveling to a gym. Here are some simple strength exercises to help you increase muscle mass: Squats: To perform a squat, stand up, bend your knees slowly and lower as far … [Read more...]

See Ingrid Michaelson Perform in Durham

Source: Wikimedia Commons

When our residents at The Lodge at Southpoint Apartments hear about upcoming concerts in Durham, they are the first ones in line to purchase tickets to see their favorite music idols. With the exciting arrival of this next musical artist there definitely won't be any exceptions. On Wednesday, February 4th at 7:30 pm, The Carolina Theatre of Durham is … [Read more...]

Attend an Exciting Performance of ‘Wicked’ this New Year


Do you enjoy going to musicals and plays? One of the musicals in Durham that you won't want to miss is "Wicked." Performances take place through January 25 at the Durham Performing Arts Center. The Tony Award winning musical "Wicked" revolves around the Wicked Witch of the West from the classic "Wizard of Oz". The musical takes place before Dorothy … [Read more...]

Enjoy a Fantastic Meal at Four Square Restaurant


Are you looking for some of the best restaurants in Durham?  Look no further - Four Square Restaurant is a delicious restaurant that's open for business from 5:30 pm until 9:30 pm Monday through Saturday. Four Square Restaurant is a deluxe, gourmet restaurant with a unique, ever-changing menu in order to bring a variety of culinary delights to all … [Read more...]

How to Effectively Clean Out Your Junk Drawer

traditional-kitchen (1)

Do you have a junk drawer that is a trouble to close? If you're having issues with piling up the miscellaneous items, follow these tips for cleaning out your junk drawer: Make sure that nothing of any importance is stored inside the kitchen junk drawer. Anything important should be filed with essential documents so it can be easily retrieved when … [Read more...]

Experience Wonderful Fine Dining at Revolution


There is no reason for you to keep searching for the best location for fine dining in Durham because Revolution Restaurant will fit your needs perfectly. Residents of The Lodge at Southpoint apartments love the quality and varied selections found on Revolution's menu. You can easily fall head over heels for the tasty selections. From the “Feed … [Read more...]

How to Host Holiday Guests in Your Durham Apartment

It's time to tidy up your home for the holiday guests you'll be hosting this season.

You will probably find yourself inviting guests over this holiday season. Hosting holiday guests in your Durham apartment may take a little thought and rearranging, but it can be done in an effective manner. Use these tips to prepare for your holiday guests: Clean Up – One of the easiest ways to prepare for holiday guests is to clean up and straighten. … [Read more...]

3 Effective Ways to Manage Your Stress Levels


Life is so hectic and fast paced these days, it comes as no surprise that more people are being diagnosed with stress related illnesses than ever before. Try these practical ways to manage stress to bring your life back under control. Learn to say no. Taking on too much at work, offering to volunteer when you don't have the time and trying to be supermom … [Read more...]